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Pfizer Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology

  • This company is just sad. It was once great and is now horrible. No great drugs to market and no great talent in its headoffice staff. As another person said, lots of PR, but nothing to back it up. Marketing department is a joke. Sales department is better (but not a lot). Time for another reorg. This time, maybe they should truly reorg and create something with strong talent for a strong future. This company needs it!

    Posted on 14 November 2011 by Rater #11 | Flag as inappropriate

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Totally true. Marketing group IS a big joke. No one with any experience there. No one wants to actually DO A GOOD JOB MARKETING THEIR BRANDS. This is a time when Pfizer really needs great marketing (because there are no great brands left that just sell themselves!)

Posted on 7 December 2011

shit after what i red i think i will withdraw my cv from their website !!maudite colisse

Posted on 16 November 2011

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