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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I've been a photo lab tech at Shoppers for just over a year and I've been enjoying my time here. I get the sense that some of the negative comments on here are from a small group of disgruntled employees that are not representative of me or my experience at Shoppers. My front store manager is a delight to work for and I respect her a great deal. Every job has its ups and downs - there are days I'd rather be doing something else, but all in all, I enjoy my work.

    Posted on 19 December 2010 by Rater #528 | Flag as inappropriate

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Good to read these comments. I'm an associate who cares about my staff and customers and hope that the majority are like me. To those of you out there who are having troubles with your associate then talk to them first, and use the staff survey second. The survey is about the associate NOT corporate. When I was a staff pharmacist I always did the survey and even though I was never sure anything was done about it, being able to rant helped. Shoppers was a great company to work for as a pharmacist but working conditions now are intolerable.

Posted on 20 February 2011

Of course asscoiates earn their salary. They are working 2 full time jobs.
One as pharmacist

Posted on 28 December 2010

A lot of talk about associates and how much they earn. Sure they deserve more money but not 7 or 8 times more than some of their staff. 5 years in uni, big deal. My associate couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery and has the social skills of a goat. Education does not give you practical experience, and a degree as a pharmacist is as useful as a chocolate tea pot when it comes to running a business.

Posted on 25 December 2010

Just wait till Walgreens comes to Canada in 2011!! Wheee

Posted on 23 December 2010

Pharmacists are afraid to work at SDM. Associates are pharmacists, whom completely understand what their pharmacists are getting at.

Cutting staff, is going to result in a pharmaceutical error, and, hopefully, it does not result in a death.

There seem to be a lot of people who, are upset that their BOSS makes more money than them. Duh. Sometimes I really cannot figure people out. Of course pharmacists make more money than the average cashier. They've gone to university for 5 years.

Would you want a high school graduate dispensing medication?

I stand behind my associate 100%. They want to make their stores profitable, AND customer oriented. I believe it can be done, and it has been done in the past.

Customers are leaving SDM. It's simple. They'll go to Walmart, and receive crappy service, but at least the price is right.

Posted on 22 December 2010

Wow head office is in here again, trying to do damage control!

Posted on 22 December 2010

I too fully support the Associates and the UAPF . Somebody's finally found the courage to stand up to Head Office on behalf of all employees. I just hope that if and when the Associates do regain some control of their businesses, they don't forget the Front Shop. We too have experienced excessive labor cutbacks and abusive treatment from DM's and VP's. Positive changes are necessary in all departments, not just the pharmacy. For this reason. I will stand by and support my Associate knowing full well that he will be representing all employees in the battle to restore Murray Koffler's vision.

Posted on 21 December 2010

UAPF is trying to bring back Murray Koffler's ideas back in to SDM. Where HO is BEHIND the Associate and NOT above them. HO was supposed to be a resource for the Associate/Franchisee. This is NOT a union. You people should be more educated. It's an association. An association that will look after the best interests of the Associates and the stores they operate. The current PEERS is NOT working. It is owned and operated by SDM Corp. There's the conflict (PEERS will look after Corp interests and not the franchisee). With an independent entity, it will have better representation of the franchisee and better flexibility to bring forth change with HO.

I fully support the UAPF and I'm NOT an associate. The associates I know want to bring hours back to the store. They want to bring back customer service. They want to care for their customers/patients. They know that staff are important for this.

The comments trying to defunct UAPF has got to be from HO. They're afraid of where this is heading. Associates regaining power from the office and ACTUALLY having CONTROL over their stores.

Posted on 21 December 2010

I'm Commentor #1 and #5, I hope comment 6 wasn't directed to me. I am a pharmacy tech and have a horrible associate. The first associate we had was pretty good but was forced out for standing up to HO. This one is a butt kissing, self serving, greedy grinch. It's getting worse for customers and staff alike. I'm frustrated that we aren't being heard, no one cares what staff thinks. That's the only reason I put the UAPF comments in. I read the comments there and got a different perspective from associates that are NOTHING like this one. Their fight isn't mine but it seems like some of the things they are asking for - mainly more staff/hours - will benefit employees AND customers. Isn't it embarrassing when customers walk out in frustration because there is no staff to help them? It is for me.

Posted on 19 December 2010

OK, thank you Mr. UAPF. Keep spinning.

It's got the words "United" in it. 'Nuff said.

Posted on 19 December 2010

Actually there are some decent associates out there that still care about their staff and customers. Not in our store but if you take the time to visit the website you will see that many of them have the same frustration that we have. They are fighting to get staff hours back, to get HO to back off and let them run their stores with their staff and customers in mind. In essence they are fighting for us too. Our complaints aren't getting us anywhere but theirs might. It's not a union, educate yourself before commenting. I would like to make their money also but I didn't go to university for years and that was my choice. However, I will take any help out there that will get SDM back in the hands of people who care about their employees and customers.

Posted on 19 December 2010

A union? Are you kidding me? Please tell me this is a joke. Life must be so tough when you're making big money and you own a business. What's next? Bill Gates insisting he has it tough? Common, this has to be a joke.

Posted on 19 December 2010

No kidding. I cross town on transit, and my associate drives a sweet car. I sure hope he isn't one of the ones wanting a union.

Posted on 19 December 2010

UAPF? That's for associates. I'm sorry, but until I start raking in the big bucks like my associate, he'll get no sympathy from me.

Posted on 19 December 2010

I'm glad that you are having a good experience. I did too when I first started. Honestly, it's not a small group of disgruntled employees, it's really not. When infinity was implemented in the front store, as a tech it didn't affect me at all so I had no idea why they were complaining so much. Like you. Well it hit pharmacy and now I know. It's no longer about "what affects me" but what is going to affect everybody in the long run. If you read the comments from Pharmacists at UAPF.ca you will have a better understanding of what the bigger picture is. It's going to affect you eventually.
Please have some consideration for the Pharmacists, FSM, techs, cashiers, merchandisers etc. that are not having such a "great" time.

Posted on 19 December 2010

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