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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Been working at shoppers for four years now and nothing to show for it.

    The first one, which I was the longest at, was obviously racist and sexist. The merchandisers were always male, and the cashiers always female. The only ones who got promoted were the ethnicity of the manager and associate.

    I knew more than most of my supervisors. I always had to explain things to them, and even sometimes the assistant managers. But despite me covering constantly and never calling in sick, they never promoted me because I wasn't the ethnicity preferred.

    Oh, and if you were a very dark customer and buying cosmetics, the cosmetician would follow you everywhere.

    In my last few years, the associate became incredibly paranoid, constantly spying on everyone with the cameras and asking employees to spy on others for him. He also made the cashiers write detailed forms on price accuracies and merchandisers detailed forms about whenever they found an empty box or packaging. People making overtime were promised that their extra hours would be paid on a week where they didn't make full hours. Whoever complained was terminated (not laid off) with the most feeble reasons, such as "not doing a good enough job."

    The next one, the cash manager was a nightmare. I was hired as supervisor, but I got only cash shifts, as she wasn't sure I was "ready" yet, despite my years of experience. During that month, I taught the supervisors more than they taught me. She was incredibly nitpicky, to the point of yelling at me when I didn't return a pen to the exact same place for the signout book. Also criticizing me for never doing stuff that she never told me to do, and then saying "supervisors should know to do it" when it was a cash shift.

    Suffice to say, Shoppers has serious managerial issues that need to be addressed. And unfortunately enough, this is a very common problem.

    Posted on 7 November 2016 by Rater #989 | Flag as inappropriate

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