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  • As a former employee I wouldn’t recommend this place to anybody. Including customers.
    People are being lied to and told that the place maxes out at 60 dogs even though it reaches 130 easily multiple times a week. There are very few people that work there that know what they are doing. Ratio of staff to dogs is horrendously dangerous at 130 dogs per 2 if you are lucky 3 employees. Most people don’t even bother watching dogs but rather focus on “making it smell nice”. Managers have no dog experience or knowledge and are very very rude.
    Floors are dangerously slippery for dogs and humans so dogs constantly tear their muscles and have to go get surgeries. Febreeze is being sprayed right over the dogs’ heads.
    There is ZERO effort put into dog and employee safety upkeep but rather focused on trying to satisfy fussy customers who care about how their dog smells after going to a dog daycare.
    Managers are mostly there to follow employees around, point at things and shout.

    Posted on 28 March 2024 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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