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RBC / Banque Royale du Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Bank, Insurance, Financial services

  • Unfair layoff to avoid severance pay,bonus payout, benefits and to retain their book. I was a top performer working unpaid OT, bringing in millions for RBC per year. RBC terminated me without warning for misconduct-on suspicion of fraud but have no proof (because I'm innocent), so they say its
    "breach of trust"-because I sent the docs for client to sign via Email for convenience, which is a common practice in banking.As I recalled, the incident occurred 4 months ago and my manger assured me everything is fine since I have all the proper documentations. Then at the hike of Mobile Banking Boom and over-staffing, RBC escorted me out in front of all employees. Such humiliation and defamation of my integrity and character. As for the working environment, most managers are down-right cheap. They put a dangling carrot in front of you - talk about your future career , encourage you to study PFP,CFP... and the moment you pass the exam, they refuse to pay for it when the bank clearly benefits from the professional designations. Moreover, a lot of volunteer events, unnecessary social events so RBC can cash on "reputation advertisement" while you work for free.

    Posted on 22 July 2016 by Rater #424 | Flag as inappropriate

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