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Rogers Communications


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • I am really hoping that the Executives at Rogers reads this post.

    When I apply for a position and you drilled it into me verbally and on paper during the hiring process that there is a specific start date. I expect to start on that date.

    When you put me through a:

    1) Application process
    2) A exam
    3) A telephone interview
    4) A personal interview
    5) Two mock case scenarios
    6) Criminal Background checks
    7) Reference checks

    To only call me within days of the start date to tell me that I am successful, but the training class is full here are your options:

    1) Sit by the phone until someone drops out
    (which is insulting in itself considering my CV. If you are banking on someone dropping out obviously you shouldn't have hired them.)

    2) Wait for the next training date (but we don't know what that is so for the time being going ahead and tell your landlord you'll give them an IOU until we get our stuff settled.

    Unbelievable the time I invested in applying for this job.

    No where and at no time was I told about this "other start date" sounds pretty suspicious to me.

    Rogers do tell me something why do you feel it necessary to tell an experienced professional, such as myself, with a few University Degrees

    "if you're hired you have to come to work on time and can't miss any days off work"

    Honestly do I look like a irresponsible teenager to you?

    Obviously Rogers you do not know how to hire the right people if you have:

    1) Constant turn over, and
    2) If you have to tell applicants not to be late for work or call in sick.

    Why do you choose to hire the wrong people?

    Well I must say this hiring process with Rogers was definitely an eye opener to see how unprofessional their HR staff really is.

    FYI. In the future maybe have a meeting with those who are doing the hiring so you know exactly how many you are actually going to hire and stop focusing so much on quota's.


    Thank you for wasting my time. I should bill you for it. Or even better I deserve a credit off my Rogers Bill.

    Posted on 18 June 2017 by Rater #538 | Flag as inappropriate

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