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Rogers Communications


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • First of all. I was hired as a retail sales associate working in a RETAIL STORE. NOT an outbound sales rep! We get a list of 60-100 customers to contact EVERY month and follow up with them. All while serving customers in the store.

    Store layout is designed the worst i've ever seen! It's impossible to keep the place cleaned. You will have customer standing behind you breathing down the back of you neck. If you are serving a group of customers. They will surround you!

    The programs they give you also sucks! It's always slow and riddled with bugs. Their are bugs that are over a year old and still not fixed! It seems they don't care since its been reported multiple times!

    This used to be a great place to work at. Now I just do the required minimum. I no longer take extra shifts when asked or swap shifts unless it benefits me.

    Posted on 16 August 2023 by Rater #550 | Flag as inappropriate

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