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  • Quite possibly one of the worst organizations I've ever worked for. A very boys club, old fashioned environment with Korean values of hierarchy, chauvinism, abusive, condescending behavior that is deep rooted in their management team. Appearing on the "Best places to work" is absolutely a façade and an absolute lie. I would not recommend anyone to work at Samsung unless you want to be abused by the management team (verbally and psychologically).

    Terrible leaders are often promoted because they "get the job done" but this is often to the detriment of treating working teams like garbage. The HR team is an absolute joke as as complaints of abuse go unheard. The HR team is there to protect the business, not the employees. As long as there is no legal ramifications, there will be no action from legal.

    Often times employees are too afraid to share the abusive behaviour with HR due to the fact the abuser will find out, and has found out in the past which will lead to further bullying. Most people are voicing their abuse at exit interviews to which HR doesnt care because why create a case now when the person complaining is quitting.

    The amount of red tape and bureaucracy is unbearable. The teams do not communicate with each other, especially the finance team. Every dollar requires MULTIPLE rounds of approvals with several inputters who will quickly reject proposals without hesitation of understanding. They do not care about your job.

    I would absolutely not recommend this organization to anyone.

    Posted on 29 October 2022 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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