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Sanjel Corporation


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction

  • Some positives of working at Sanjel are:
    -I've worked with some great people who were willing to teach me from knowing very little about the industry
    -good time off in the form of vacation, corporate days, Stampede days, flex day. I've also never had a problem with sick days (within reason)
    -there are good opportunities to move up and around if you have the drive and ambition.

    The negatives:
    -decisions do not get made quickly. Prepare to ask repeatedly for something you need done.
    -many people seem to get retained/promoted when they are incompetent, lazy, unqualified.
    -the company still acts like it's a tiny company and forgets it has grown many fold since its start. This results in communication errors, overlaps in duties, lapses in duties, people with ambiguous jobs, people with more work than they could ever handle, simply because there is such terrible organization. There are near constant "reorganizations" that manage to make everything less clear.
    -there is too much focus on recruiting and none on retention. This industry lends itself to job/company hopping but they could limit that by asking themselves how they can make long term employees happier and more fulfilled in their jobs.

    Overall, it's a good place to work if you put in the effort and take your career into your own hands instead of waiting for upward movement to just happen. The oilfield isn't for the lazy or complacent. There is money and real careers to be made for those who want it. This applies to everyone from head office to the field camps.

    Posted on 18 October 2013 by Rater #132 | Flag as inappropriate

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Not sure what department you're in, but mine certainly wasn't given any Stampede days, not even parade day, to take.

Posted on 4 September 2014

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