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Save On Foods

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Never have I worked at a store that is so neglected, in disrepair, and filthy. They have it all, unsanitary “gender-neutral” bathrooms that look like they are used as safe injection rooms and falsely listed as “out of order”. Coolers that have a mildew like odor or worst, signs of grey and/or black mold and don’t work properly. Nothing looks like it has ever been cleaned as you’ll see shelves with damaged, outdated, unlabelled and spilt product (sometimes even the product is stuck on the shelf or unsafely stacked too high), rust etc. There has been evidence the store has rats when you’re working product from the back. If you report something is broken etc it’s just shrugged off and your told to put it in a “suggestion box”. I don't know how Food Safe hasn't shut them down yet?

    Management is bloated, inefficient and incompetent, they don’t even know what’s going on in their own store and are unrealistic, and the “Workday” program is atrocious along with the CAO automated ordering system. The store employs nearly 100 people and they are always hiring not because of turn-over but to drive wages and hours down, sadly they hire the “lowest common denominator” give no training, will just throw you in the deep in of the pool and keep on piling on more responsibilities and duties on you till you break and quit or set you up to fail. You're disposable, and that is an understatement.

    Majority of the staff you’ll work with have adopted a quiet quitting attitude, although you’ll spend the majority of your time working alone as there’s never enough staff working, usually under 15 people everyday and all you really do is just stock shelves or runaround completing online/ecomm orders. The hours are wildly inconsistent between 4 and 40/week (you’ll only get a 4 or 8 hour shift, nothing in-between) the pay is minimum wage regardless of prior experience. They claim they are a union but it feels more like a fake/company union and there is no chance for growth or career advancement if that is what you want, management will just make promises and never follow-thru.

    As for customer experience, it isn’t positive. Because of the store's location they cater almost exclusively to the homeless, drug-addicts, low-income and transients (the store always has an smell of weed, body odor or boozes) as a result they have “secret shoppers” and security patrolling the store assuming everyone is a thief making for an unwelcoming environment. The aisle floor plan is poorly laid out with no rhyme or reason (you'll have a lot of WTF moments when putting stock away or helping customers and there is an actual “Aisle Zero”) and they are unusually cramped for a store of it’s size and littered with mini displays congesting the aisles further. Self-checkouts regularly have hissy-fits, there’s signage in multiple locations like (ie floral dept) telling customers to ask an associate for assistance, as a result the PA is regularly making customer service calls although you'll have a hard time hearing it as management turned the PA volume down.

    Overall the customer experience and customer service is just as deplorable.

    In closing, Save-On-Foods, Port Alberni, BC (part of the Pattinson Food Group), whether you are a customer or looking for work, look elsewhere and don’t look back!

    Posted on 4 May 2024 by Rater #38 | Flag as inappropriate

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