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  • I worked for Sharmila as a house cleaner. I deep cleaned her place for 4 hours and was supposed to clean for 5. I left early because she was incredibly rude and condescending and her expectations were not achievable. She has yet to pay me for my work and has ignored my attempts to contact her. She also left me a negative review on the website we connected through, which other potential employers will now see.
    I have used that website for years, so I hope that the other reviews I have will speak for themselves, but I would like to warn others not to work for her. She was incredibly rude to me and has not paid me for my time. Before I quit, she was also trying to tell me that I started work 20 minutes later than I had, and I had actually arrived earlier than the time agreed upon.
    She is not a good employer, she will bully you, she will try to take advantage of you and she will not pay you what you are owed.

    Posted on 30 December 2022 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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