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  • I have worked with this company as a supervisor for many years and is no longer with Shield due to a change in career.

    There are many things I like about this company that made me sad to leave. I had a great team, good site, and the company was operated by some very nice managers that seems like they cared and tried to be very accommodating.

    What I did not like about this company is that you can get away with murder if you tell them a sad story as an excuse.
    They have too much of a bleeding heart for people of incompetence and gives them too many chances.
    Some employees appreciate it and change. Most don't and end up getting fired eventually and causing hardship for everyone at the site.

    I have had many work experiences with various companies and I can say Shield is the one that has been most pleasant.

    In terms of advise to security management, you are all a good bunch of people but you need to be more firm with incompetent staff members and terminate them before they jeopardize everyone's jobs.

    Publié le 23 septembre 2017 par Évaluateur #2 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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