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Simcoe Muskoka Tree Services

Taille de l'entreprise : Petite (1 - 49 employés)

Industrie : Construction, Maintenance

  • An excellent company to work for. The main issue is of couse the seasonal level of work.

    Other than that, highly recommended.

    They keep trucks in good shape, as well as all other equipment. Good hours, good training in place.

    Management is overall good for the most part, sometimes change jobs at last minute but that is part of the industry I guess.

    Lots of good feedback ..

    Many times management will bring lunch to us on job. Always have gatorade or other drink available.

    Good training, first aid, cpr, tree knowledge and safety courses - many at Aboriculture Canada or ISA based. Good stuff.

    Overall good.. and still here.

    Their website - not sure if it anywhere else - www.simcoemuskokatreeservices.ca

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