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SP Data Response Management


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • I've worked at a few Call Centres in Hamilton, Ontario and SP Data is by Far the Worst and most unprofessional place that i've ever worked. I've seen workers throw objects around, a few innocent people have been hit from such activities. You can say what you want to offend another person, irregardless of how filthy and despicable it maybe. You have to hear filth and then some from individuals whos orientation does not represent the greater majority of the world.
    The management will use your written ideas to benefit from without paying you any recognition and in some cases pretend as if they have never even seen it. I assure you, any person that has something positive to say about SP Data is either management or has never ever ever worked there. The individuals that get promoted to quality assurance or team leader or another position are rarely the "creme de la creme", but, are simply friends of the awkward "in crowd" so to speak....often called the inner circle. If you're peaceful and just want to produce then this is not the place for you.

    Posted on 25 February 2011 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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