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Spence Diamonds

Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • All work and no play makes anyone a dull person, and it's not conducive to a happy workplace and a healthy workforce. Understaffed departments rely on countless hours of unpaid OT from their underpaid drones to keep the place running, communication is non-existent, stressed, unhappy employees spread vicious gossip behind each other's backs, and forget about raises or promotions, they just don't happen. There are two types of people working there, young people looking for work experience who leave quickly (revolving door!!) and the lifers who are just putting in their time till retirement. Morale is low, upper management is detached and uncaring, and favoritism rules. Often, it feels more like high school than a professional workplace.

    Posted on 9 June 2015 by Rater # | Flag as inappropriate

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