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Starbucks coffee


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I think this was my location more than the company, but, this is my experience at Starbucks. My very first day my trainer told me that people don't show up all the time, that lots of people have quit, then she started bashing one of these former partners who had quit. She then proceeded to tell me about her love interests who came to our extremely busy location and instead of training me, often would hold long and horrendously detailed conversations with them in front of me. She told me personal details that, even at a personal level, I didn't need to know. A couple days down the line the ASM was complaining to other partners about how one of the other partners was viewing e-mails in the back in a 'how dare he' tone. I made the mistake of saying maybe he didn't know he wasn't allowed and they were left open for everyone to see. I think after that I wasn't viewed too kindly by the downright immature ASM and other partners. After one month I was being set up for no-win scenarios, and was not being put on bar despite having some training under my belt. I was also still being paid under training despite the reality that I was put on till two or three days after starting and hadn't left after a month (don't get tips when you're training). My superior was being very snarky with me and a customer leaned in and told me 'don't let her get away with that.' I knew I had to leave after that. I'm university educated and was only looking for a very busy environment to work and instead Starbucks tops my list of worst places I've worked and it was because of partners, not the job.

    Posted on 31 August 2012 by Rater #8 | Flag as inappropriate

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