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Starbucks coffee


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Hired as a manager & I went here for career. I have had 4 district managers. What I love: my customers, my partners, most of my fellow managers. What needs to improve: help for partners who don't show up, more non coverage so you don't have do do admin work on your breaks, more support & encouragement from upper management. Seems to be negative leadership from a DM who shows up once every two to 3 months. What needs to stop: Partners who call at 3am & tell you they are sick & not showing up to work. (meaning that you are going in because nobody is going to help you at 3am find coverage.) Favoritism among the district managers - it's a rampant problem. Calling for regional telephone calls with very little notice so you could get coverage for you on the floor. Less packaging for set ups...the amount of waste is abhorrent. Setting store targets high so they don't have to pay you bonus. I love my job, but I am leaving because managers are not treated well. We manage partners who want what they want. We work for DM'S who demand what they want, but when it comes to getting help & support for yourself it's not there. I need work / life balance too & that in a nutshell is why I am looking elsewhere.

    Posted on 4 November 2015 by Rater #80 | Flag as inappropriate

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