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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Bank, Insurance, Financial services

  • A great place to work - it's interesting that some of the most negative comments came from people who are not even still employees of Symcor. You definintely need to subscribe to the corporate culture and "drink the cool-aid", but that's part of why working there is so great, although there may many different goals within the company, there is a common vision. Although it may sound a little like a marketing line, Symcor is somewhere where you have a chance to truely change the world.

    Posted on 5 May 2011 by Rater #28 | Flag as inappropriate

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I would enjoy some Kraft Dinner.

Posted on 3 May 2012

The National Post should do a profile of the senior leaders and then have the employees provide comments. It would be very enlightening, but sad.

Posted on 11 May 2011

Perhaps the National Post would be interested in doing a followup story, this is a dangerous game to play.

Posted on 11 May 2011

Comment 12 is trying to take away attention from the real joke mentioned in Comment #9, 10 and 11 (and a few other unrelated ratings / posts) .... truly pathetic not 'comedy gold' ....

Posted on 10 May 2011

Okay, I nearly died laughing just now, comment 12 is comedy gold!

Posted on 7 May 2011

Re: comment 12. I was thinking "High Definition" but Hard Drive works too.

Posted on 7 May 2011

when did Symcor open a site in Newfoundland?

Posted on 6 May 2011

Nor with Hard Drive, Jurassic Park, Social Security or Jungle Warfare

Posted on 6 May 2011

Believe me - there is definitely NO facination with Kraft Dinner ....

Posted on 6 May 2011

What's with the fascination with Kraft dinner?

Posted on 6 May 2011

To Comment 8 - Thank GOD you are not in leadership and I hope you never will be.....symcor can not afford another bully managing people.

Name calling ends when one matures as an Adult or are you still eating Kraft Dinner?

Posted on 6 May 2011

I'm not in leadership at all. I just recognize a clown when I see one.

P.S You're a clown.

Posted on 6 May 2011

#6, you probably are #5. #5, you are typical of the management style being described. You sit and tell people they are being down-sized because of the cost-cutting exercise and it is not due to their performance, and then you call them a clown. Fabulous leadership in action. How come we can't get anyone to apply for the job postings at our company? The reputation is so bad people don't want to join so stop talking down to everyone so we can attract some talent.

Posted on 5 May 2011

I entirely agree with #5

Posted on 5 May 2011

I still work at Symcor and it's a great place to work. Great people, rewarding work and management that really understands how to treat people. Don't listen to the bad comments. Typical of people that were fired for being poor employees. Hey clown, there's a reason you don't work here anymore... you are terrible.

Posted on 5 May 2011

I still work there and everyone I work with they say the same thing as the people that got let go: Bad place to work.

You guys missed the "would you recommend people to work for Symcor?"'s results last opinion survey.

Posted on 5 May 2011

It's clear there's only one person posing as multiple people boosting the ratings.

Posted on 5 May 2011

What is the matter with you? Change the world? Are you mad? You're not saving orphans and curing diseases you clown. We're mostly processing cheques, data and stuffing envelopes. You don't sound like a marketing line, you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about.

For your "different goals within the company", there's none besides making money and booting people to save the investors asses.

For your "there is a common vision", there's one vision and it's to save money by implementing clunky processes and not investing money into a real strong business plan and make it work.

And for your "different goals within the company, there is a common vision", you obviously are BS-ing. You rate the same as those other ratings with "Best employer" and "Best place to work" kind of ratings, 5 stars to all, 4 stars to one rating.

Whoever you are, you are an idiot. You are doing the very thing why people come here in the first place. The BS. The damn BS. The "business is great for this year" and then the first week after "this year", everyone is laid off.

The ship's sinking, stop pulling a Symcor on us by telling us everything's allright, been there, heard it before. But yet again you keep on BS-ing... I cant believe it! You guys won't stop are you?

Posted on 5 May 2011

It's clear that everyone writing negative comments has been let go. Sour grapes.

Posted on 5 May 2011

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