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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • I used to be proud to work for Telus, but with negotiations for a new collective agreement at a standstill because Telus wants to keep taking more away from us and offshore Canadian jobs to save money while raking in HUGE profits, I am disgusted. I have lost the respect of the company during this bargaining process...it shows we are not appreciated for the incredibly hard work that we do everyday. "Give Where We Live" used to be something I took great pride in.

    We are not asking for a 45% pay increase like our CEO got, just fair wages and benefits. Cost of living has increased immensely, but we have gotten nothing. Our call centres are in large urban areas where it is very expensive to live, but Telus doesn't recognize this. The record profits that Telus boasts about are because of the work we do EVERYDAY. It's time to show us that we are appreciated and recognize the hard work we do. And bring back the thousands of jobs that have been offshored. Telus is a Canadian company, yet the Canadians working for the company is dwindling each and every year.

    #riseup #fairdealnow

    Posted on 1 November 2022 by Rater #444 | Flag as inappropriate

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