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  • Tim Hortons is one of the worst jobs of my lifetime. I only worked there because I was in school and never had time to get another job. I am surprised they are still legal to employ people. When I was a student I used to work part-time and I thought things would get better with them when I will be full-time. No, I got worst. nobody should works for tim hortons. There is no reasons to work for them . they pay like sh*t, treat employe like sh*t, no employee benefits at all. They don't care whether employees are sick or emergency to not to able to come to work no you have to come to work. Oh now you think my employers are bad. No!!! I work in many stores in Toronto and also other province, they all are same sh*t. only one person makes money here , the fucking owners. Nobody else. And maybe managers get some bonus. Cheers to Canada because they have a huge population of immigrants who they can treat like slaves. They pay minimum wage and son of bitches can't give a foxed schedule. Can't approve day off.

    Publié le 3 mai 2023 par Évaluateur #1 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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