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Trillium health partners

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Soins de santé, Assistance sociale

  • It is sad the insecurities of a manager can derail an individual’s career progression which is why it should be illegal to terminate and take away an employee’s financial livelihood because there is a perceived lack of ‘personality or cultural fit’, unfortunately Canadian labour laws have yet to evolve and protect employees in this way. Not everyone in the ranks of management deserves the title and responsibilities of Manager, sadly the bureaucracy of this hospital allows managers not equipped with the proper skillset and training to possess a management position they are not ready for and did not deserve.

    My Advice to 'Leadership': The curse of competency is real, when a non-unionized employee experiences issues and problems with their manager help and support them, don’t leave them hanging to fend for themselves. If a manager claims an employee is underperforming, before ambushing the employee with termination, here’s a novel concept ask the manager to demonstrate with documented proof over a period of time ways they made it known to the employee their work performance fell short and what corrective measures were taken to improve their work performance. Without this type of evidence there is no legitimacy and accountability to verify an employees termination is truly about work performance rather than micro-passive aggressive behaviours which apparently are deep systemic issues running rampant throughout Trillium Health Partners.

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