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  • Do not apply. Do not accept. Runaway as quickly as you possibly can.

    I was hired to be a full-time in vehicle and in class instructor. I came to this company with well over 10 years of driver training experience. I have also worked for the municipal government.

    This job is ideal for someone who has another source of income, such as a pension.

    This occupation does not lend itself well to being the primary source of income. The more you ask for more students, the more you will be labelled as difficult.

    Initial training with regards to company policies, procedures and computer systems is none existent. At best it's by trial, error and reprimand. Reprimand means you will be given fewer students.

    Managers refuse to talk to Instructors on the phone. Everything was done by email and text. Ironic, because then they project emotions into your messages.

    You are expected to be available up to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, but only get paid for in vehicle time.

    You are expected to take phone calls, make appointments and send confirmation e-mails on the days you book off or while you were working for other employers. BUT don't you ever dare contact a managers on their day off.

    On the Rare occasions Managers Managers attempt to phone you, you have to pick the phone or risk being punished.

    Managers have no understanding of the legal term Distracted driving. You will be expected to violate the law.

    Managers will demand you port the vehicle to garages and not compensate you for the lost teaching time.

    Every single email is marked as HIGH IMPORTANCE…

    Managers are oblivious to travel times and geography.

    Managers don't understand the concept of Cell Phone dead zones.

    This education facility gynocentric.

    Posted on 3 July 2024 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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