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Vancouver Coastal Health

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • It's ironic how little this health care authority cares for the health of its employees. Upper management is made up of administrators and business managers who know little to nothing about the provision of health care. They've adopted a model called LEAN, which was developed by Toyota in Japan. Yeah, Toyota, where robots on assembly lines build cars with accelerators that stick, and where it's not uncommon for people in their 30s to drop dead from overwork. VCH treats employees like interchangeable parts in a machine: when one breaks, you throw it out and replace it with a new one (unless the machine can hobble along without it, in which case you overtax the remaining parts as much as possible). When the whole machine needs adjustment, you throw it out and buy a new model. To newer people who still think it's a good employer, I'd say you just haven't been around long enough to be screwed over by the organization.

    VCH uses collective agreements to punish employees who need support or try to self-advocate. The unions won't take it on, because it's one of the biggest employers in the province. It's inflexible. Have an injury or chronic illness? In your 60s but not ready to retire? Forget shifting from full-time to part-time; VCH will work you into the ground and force you to quit. Want to pursue training to stay at the top of your game? Be prepared to do it on your own time, at your own expense. Want to provide the best possible care for your clients and patients? Forget it; you're providing the cheapest and fastest, regardless of effectiveness.

    VCH is a sick, toxic, traumatized and traumatizing organization. And it has a monopoly on the industry.

    Posted on 7 November 2016 by Rater #23 | Flag as inappropriate

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