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  • Several issues with this company.

    Misleading job posts. Job posts that state Client Services, but when in fact it's actually a cleaning/dishwasher/food prep position. No mention of heavy lifting etc.

    Lack of proper management. Inexperienced management and zero training.

    Also you may run into employees who have personal issues with a new hire thereby making it impossible to do the job at hand.

    Zero oversight.

    I would stay clear from this organization at all odds.

    When they go through a several applicants who resign after a few weeks or months it's because they lied in the Job Post. And there's no management and there's no training.

    This is not a Client Service Job that you are applying for even though the job add states that.

    Because they provide meals and food snacks to their employees and clients you're expected to be in charge of that. And that requires a lot of cleaning, food prep, carrying several heavy bags of groceries back to the office, ordering and being responsible for lifting several cases of pop and water and stocking the fridge. Really not fair to expect an employee to do all that heavy lifting and carrying when the job add doesn't state that.

    If you value the health of your back, don't bother working here. It's not a Client Service Job, it's a cleaning, food prep and heaving lifting of items job.

    Also there is zero training. Watching videos for hours and hours on end is not the proper way of training.

    The pay and the benefits might be great, but at what cost? With all that heavy lifting you will wind up with several injuries.

    Posted on 29 April 2024 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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Nothing like watching this generation of workers whine and complain.

When a worker walks in. Yaps for a bit, do a bit of work then announces they're going to work from home. Then why did you even bother to come into the office? And you're a manager?

Or when a Millennials announces they're going for breakfast. During working hours! What are you 5?

Unfortunately employers seem obsessed with hiring applicants between the age range of 20 and 35 just because. Instead of hiring skilled and qualified workers.

Dear Millennials when you come to work, you're there to work. Not to feed your face with food or spend hours upon hours on your cell phone scrolling through pictures and social media.

Maybe employers will realize that one day that these Millennials are not built like most.

They are weak, they're whinners and they lack any real sense of work ethics.

This is the state now for most organizations hence why customer service is going down the drain.

Dear Employers if you really want a stand out from the rest stop hiring these Millennials and if you do ensure you have a skilled and qualified manager, who is actually present, and who actually earned their position of being a manager.

A proper manager is someone with a solid University Degree and who has worked their way from an entry level position and up.

Not some whiney Millennial who just going to walk in, sigh once they walk through the doors and announce they're going to work from home.

Posted on 8 May 2024

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