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Wal-Mart Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I worked here for almost 2 years. I hated it after the first month. I was at a location in London Ontario. While working there I always felt like I had no purpose and wasn't really worth anything. The only thing they care about is the mastercard. Being harrased about the amount you are selling was a problem. Especially when you didn't get anything for doing it. After about a year I asked to get switched to pushing carts because I hated cash and didn't want to pretend to be happy in the place I reffered to in my head as hell. I got pretty depressed working there, I was always too stressed. Lastly, is how they favor certain people. I had been there almost 2 years and people around me were getting paid about 50 cents more than me when they had been there about a month doing the same thing. Also, about a month before I walked out they hired 2 employees that could barely do their job (I honestly think they were mentally challenged, not being mean) and they would get around 35 hours a week while I would request more and only get 15.

    Posted on 4 October 2012 by Rater #102 | Flag as inappropriate

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