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Wal-Mart Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • This is absolutely the worst place I have ever worked. I have been with walmart for 1 year and quit this week. The assistant manager we had for all but the last two months was a tyrant. He had his favourites and if you weren't in that group than you were completely screwed. There is no communication, when you try you are intimidated, talked down to,and told to go away. I was violently verbally attacked by a coworker from day one (because I am a woman), I don't cry easily and this man had me in tears, scared to come to work, at least twice a week. He would only do this when we were on out own so management did not believe me. I asked three times to be transferred to a different store or at least a different department, and they all said it was impossible (went all the way up to my main store manager) and that i should just "not talk to him".I was not nearly the first woman the man had had in tears or verbally assaulted before, but they did not see the need to address it. The tyrant manager (male) would touch my arms and shoulders when I went to him for help, and would not call me anything other than "honey". At a morning meeting he blatantly said that noone could make any more complaints about a certain individual (the one harrassing me) without any explanations to us why. When the man cornered me and made the mistake of doing it infront of someone he was coached, but i was still forced to work along side him. He was coached previously but it was not documented, just as in my case. When I continued to go higher up to fix this problem I was told to just put up with it and to stop complaining as it was causing them too much stress to deal with it. If I was not desperate for a job at the time I would have left my first day, thankfully I am free of them now. I wish I had gone to the police during all this, but I was told by my management that it could not be handled outside of the company and I had no experience with handling this kind of situation. Now I know about Bill 168 and will never let this happen again. Horrible, HORRIBLE place to work and I advise any women to stay as far away as possible of you value your sanity and safety.

    Posted on 17 October 2012 by Rater #109 | Flag as inappropriate

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