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About Your Employer

  • Business model, vision and strategy

    What is the quality of the employer's business model, vision and strategy?
  • Management's skills

    How would you describe the quality of management?
  • Values and corporate culture

    Do you share the employer's values and culture (e.g. social and environmental responsibility, cultural diversity, equity, respect of employees)?
  • Internal communication

    Is the internal circulation and quality of information good?
  • Feedback

    Do you get enough feedback about your work?
  • Recognition

    Do you feel that you're an important part of the organization?
  • Pride

    Are you proud to work for this company?
  • Engagement

    Do you personally feel involved in this company's success?
  • Work space (layout)

    What is the physical context in which you work (e.g. office, equipment, decoration, ventilation, noise, cleanliness, safety)?
  • Atmosphere

    Are you satisfied with the atmosphere in which you work?
  • Recruitment, development, retention

    How good is the employer at recruiting, developing and keeping its employees?
  • Tasks and responsibilities

    Do your tasks and responsibilities match your abilities?
  • Teamwork and cooperation

    Is the company conducive to teamwork and cooperation?
  • Organization of work

    Is work well organized in this company?
  • Compensation and benefits

    In light of your duties and responsibilities, are you satisfied with your compensation and benefits?
  • Schedule, work load and holidays

    Are your satisfied with the schedule, work load and paid holidays?
  • Stress

    Are you satisfied with your level of stress at work?
  • Work/family life balance

    Does the employer pay attention to work/family life balance?
  • Advancement

    How are the opportunities for advancement and promotion?
  • Recommendable

    How likely would you recommend this employer to a friend?